Never Be Afraid To Trust An Unknown Future To A Known God.

Corrie ten Boom Corrie ten Boom

We are all SINNERS because of our nature not because of our behavior. You can allow that fact to bring you closer to God, and realize you need him because of your nature. Or you can let that fact be your excuse and keep you further away from Him. Your choice. If you just step aside and let Him takeover, you will MARVEL at the changes in your inner being and in your life.

Before I got saved, I thought being saved was stuffy and no fun. All the people I knew that were saved, were MUCH older than me. I figured ‘when I was over being young and having fun’ only then would I turn my life over to Him. And, I’ll be honest it’s not like I’m TURNED UP in my daily life. But my lamp is LIT*. But, when Jesus gives you his (Holy) Spirit* you find pleasure in being godly. The Holy Spirit gets to TURN UP in YOU and cast out anything that isn’t serving God.

And, knowing how empty, depressed, and confused I was BC (Before Christ) keeps me clinging to Him and his word. Also, the reverence (fear) of Christ keeps me striving to be more like Him, and less like ME. And when we were children we feared our parents’ discipline. Jesus disciplines his children, and TRUST me His discipline can out match any ‘whopping’ story you got.

I turned my life over to God because I was TIED (not tired but tied, you know you tired when you lose the R) of hoisting my own burdens, trying to fix everything on my own. I would pray, but only as a last resort. I couldn’t completely give my problems to him, because I wanted to be in CONTROL. And, you simply just can’t serve two masters*. To this day God has to swat things out of my hands. It’s hard to get on your knees or fall on your face when you are want to be lord of your own life. My desperation (and tied-ness) is the only reason why I turned my life over to Christ. Accepting His plan was better than my own. Putting my faith in Him and God’s promise and purpose for my life*. I wholeheartedly encourage you to surrender your life. As scary as that may be for you, I have to say it is so worth it.

***corrie ten boom quote is the title of blog. Bible verses mentioned in order:Psalm 119:105;Acts 15:8;Matthew 6:24;Phillipians 1:6

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