Turning up for my Lord!  Turning up for my Lord!

Around this time of year I would be sulking around, thinking about the things I’m not and things that didn’t happen. Then, I would laugh it all off like the blessing of seeing another year wasn’t indeed a big deal. I would get depressed because I felt like the whole world was moving, while I was stagnant. I would be lonely, because I didn’t trust anybody enough to be vulnerable. I would stay inside get lost on the Internet or watch some NYE program.  I would thank God for me being able to see yet another year, but truly didn’t mean it. The gift of it all was completely lost on me.

Thank God, I stopped running from Jesus and let him love on me. I allowed Him to change me, to give a different perspective. The best decision I’ve ever made! Had I known that Jesus could quiet my mind, and END my inner wars. That he could form me into something new. I’m just so entirely delighted that this NYE’s will be different. I’m not just excited for today, I’m excited for this year! Lord knows he hasn’t been pruning me for nothing.

I will be attending my Church’s (I belong to a church that’s a marvel in it self. I been a Bedside Baptist for far too long)  NYE watch. I’m kind of ‘scared/cited'(that’s afraid and excited) because I’m new there. And I haven’t really clicked up with anyone there. But I let the enemy beat me out of a LOT of experiences, not this one! 👊🏿. I pray you all have a great night and an even better year. 😘✌️

As I say on social media #tryhimout

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