Should we not question God?

We've all heard it, but is it true?  We’ve all heard it, but is it true?

I’ve been reading Genesis, again. It’s amazing how we can miss what we certainly read. Come back re-read it and find so many things we might of missed out on. I already posted a blog about Abraham being faithful and patient. And, I realize Abraham wasn’t always so faithful. But, he certainly got to a place where readers referred to him as ‘the Father of faith. It gives me so much hope, that I CAN become incredibly faithful and have that kind of patience.  But, this isn’t what this blog is about…

We all might of heard the common saying “don’t question God”. (Well Ab certainly did over and over again*) These people -who mean well-  make it seem like God is utterly unapproachable. When they say these things they take the LOVE and FELLOWSHIP out of an intimate relationship with God. But, here’s the truth: God is loving, kind, gracious and merciful. That God has emotions. And, he CERTAINLY is not evil or cruel. It’s just NOT the truth. And, it helps absolutely no one. Especially, those of us (ahem) who are running from His Presence.

The people who love to say ‘don’t question God’ don’t FEAR and RESPECT Him- they’re just scared. And, honestly don’t have a close relationship with Him. If they did they wouldn’t spread fear-mongering theories about Him.

Here’s another truth: God MADE us, God KNOWS us, our quirks, our personalities and our sense of humor. God laughs, I bet He loves to laugh.* He delights* in us, and enjoys His Masterpieces’. I just know he does, I feel deep in my heart. And, the Bible agrees with me (check out the notes at the end of the post).

God isn’t hard to find, you don’t have to go to special location, or spend any money. Just TALK to Him. You can do that on your knees, standing up, laying down. You can do it while walking, working, cooking, driving. It is the most important relationship we will EVER have. Just SEEK Him. He’s waiting. Your ball, your court.

*Bible Verses mentioned in order: Genesis 18:16-32;Psalms 2:4-37:13;Zephaniah 3:17-Psalm 149:4;

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