When you don’t feel like reading your Bible

In my first post in this series, I shortly discussed how there will be times, hen you don’t feel like opening your Bible. It’s the funniest thing, sometimes I have this passion for the Bible, and other times I just plain don’t. Like right now, I can think of many other things I’d rather do. Then I kind of feel like a hypocrite for having this #readyourBible series, and not reading my Bible. And, this too shall pass.

But this isn’t about me (per say) it’s about you! Here are my tips for reading the Bible when you don’t feel up to.

1. Focus on God

The main reason we have this difficulty is that we’re focusing on ourselves and not God. Just consider His greatness, and think on the privilege it is to be in relation to Him.

2. Don’t think of the Bible as a book

It’s technically a book, but it’s God’s word. See the Bible as food, from which you grow spiritually. See the Bible as, everything God wants to say to you. Imagine the power imprinted on every page.

3. Don’t make your quiet time an assignment

See your quiet time with God as something you get to do. Spend time with God because you miss Him if you don’t. Think about how He’s keeping you, this very second. Let your quiet time be the source of your joy and closeness with God.

4. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Remember, we aren’t called to perfection, we just serve a perfect God. Don’t beat yourself up, you missed a day, it’s okay.

5. Switch it up

Everything gets old after a while. Change the way you study, change the old routine. Who says quiet time with God has to include your Bible? You can just journal, pray, praise God or listen to worship music.

6.Don’t emulate what other people do

Do, you! Your relationship with God is personal, and yours. You don’t have to pray, worship, study like anyone else! God wants a relationship with YOU! He made you unique, and you should be you. It works for your friends, it just may not work for you. And, that’s okay.

7. Do it anyway

Often times when we have a tug to read or for quiet time, we need it. There will be days where you run to open your Bible, and some days… Practice some self-discipline and read something. God has all He needs, he doesn’t need you to read today. Developing a habit of reading the Bible; changes us, not God

8. Prayer
Some stuff, you just got to pray it out. Confess and tell God, you ‘aren’t really in Bible-reading mood’. It’s okay, I think we give ourselves less grace, then God does! I promise the Earth won’t shake, or you’ll drop into the pits of hell. If you are feeling it or thinking it, He knows it already. Just tell Him. And, believe that after you pray, He’s filled you up to read His word.

Well, there it is my 8 tips for when you don’t feel like reading your Bible. It happens to everyone, at least once! I pray God grants us all a zeal for Him and His presence.

I love you, but God loves you more. ❤️

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