The subject of #PORN came up at work today. And, I wasn’t exactly proud of how the conversation went. And, I take all of the blame. ABOVE is what I should’ve said. ABOVE is what God had to teach and show me about porn. ABOVE is how God had to reveal to me that my value isn’t based on ‘know-how’, my gender, or if someone is attracted enough to me, to do the things I watched in uncounted videos.
✨God’s word says who I am, nowadays. I am made in His Image(Gen 1:27), God says I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14). God says the sole fact of me bearing His very image, and the blood that ran down on Calvary IS my value. Those two reasons, and those alone.✨

Don’t be mislead, PORN isn’t sexy, it’s DISGUSTING. Watching actors on film isn’t the true representation of the beauty that is the marital bed.
I’ve too been misled by pornography. I’ve too felt that dirty feeling after watching it. Turn from it brother and sister, allow God to tell you your worth. Let His word build your confidence back up. Pick up a Bible, or download an app- and see what God says about you. He loves you, and He’s more than gracious to forgive you. And, remove your sins as far as the east is from the west(Ps 103:12). Confess and repent, God’s grace covers your sins. Pray that God will remove the taste of pornography from your mouth. Pray that God will make you see pornography as it truly is: EVIL, DECEITFUL, UNGODLY and UGLY. You are not of the world, but you are the Almighty’s loved child.

P.S. Do you see how God will use every tear, fear, shame- nothing is wasted. The thing I repented for, and felt quite shameful of (my former involvement with porn and the conversation from today) and use it for my good, and the edification of the body. He’s awesome!

I love you, but God loves you more!!