“He Saith” A Poem by Anna Shipton

Preface: I’ve always loved words, especially powerful words of the Christian faith. All of this started once I was introduced to those old hymns, written by those who are now in glory. I started to search and download hymn e-books. I found these words were great sung to music but also had the same power in reading them. I stumbled upon the poetry book of Anna Shipton called, Waymarks of My Pilgrimage. This little treasure was bursting with beautiful and meaningful words. Even though there are centuries between our pilgrimages, the poems were very familiar and dear to my heart.

There isn’t much known about this author and sometime hymn writer. She’s published many works, most of them being poetry books but she’s also has written essays on the Christian faith. From reading her poems you can tell that Anna knew and treasured Scripture in her heart. In one poem called, God Knows Best Anna writes about her desires to have a family and an easier life. But like the title suggests Anna believed that God in His wisdom withheld both of these things from her.

Anna’s words help me to lift my eyes to God and often reminds me that He is what life is all about. I know all of her poems will encourage your hearts as well. But this particular poem I’ve decided to share, I think as you read you’ll see why.


 “Thou hast dealt well with Thy servant, O Lord, according unto Thy word. … I rejoice at Thy word, as one that findeth great spoil. ” — Psalm cxix. 65, 162.

When the Father His little one smiteth,

A blessing must brood underneath ;

I will walk by the lamp that He lighteth,

And rest on the word that ” He saith.”

He saith, ” I will never forsake thee,”

Each day He proclaims it anew ;

And again to my Rock I betake me,

And prove that His promise is true.

He saith, ” I will guide thee :”

oh, never Distrust the full truth of His word ;

To-day, and to-morrow — for ever,

Let me rest on Thy promise, my Lord.

I know He is faithful who said it,

‘Tis written and sealed in His word ;

And day after day I have read it,

And said, ” I believe Thee, my Lord.”

But do I believe it and live it,

And know He is willing to be

As true as His word, and to give it

A thousand times better to me?

A mansion is mine,

He’ll prepare it,

Though the least of His servants am I ;

And, better than all, He will share it,

As ages on ages go by.

When I gaze on the wild roaring billow,

Shall I fear He will leave me alone?

Reposing no more on a pillow,

He watches His child from the Throne.

And yet, when the storm riseth higher,

And again on the waves I am tost,

I forget that my Saviour is nigher,

And cry in despair, ” I am lost !”

He saith, ” Call, and I will deliver,”

He hath won me from sin and from death :

Shall I dread, then, the dark rolling river,

When I hope in the word that He saith?

When the terrors of death shall assail me,

Shall I cling to a cistern of clay?

Shall I rest on a reed that will fail me,

When Jehovah’s right hand is my stay?

Is the Saviour unwilling to give us

The riches He rose to bestow?

Will the God of our mercies deceive us?

No ! Calvary’s cross answers No!

How poor are earth’s richest resources,

How rich is each promise to me ;

Though some trust in chariots and horses,

Lord, let me trust only in Thee.

*bolded for emphasis

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